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Immigration Lines by Michael Knight

In his current show, artist Michael Knight extends his on-going exploration of human migration and immigration. Returning to the crow imagery that he uses as a visual metaphor for human travelers, Knight has deepened the significance of these mixed media works with the inclusion of immigrant poetry and song lyrics. By layering verbal reflections into his work, Knight exposes emotional and psychological states integral to every pilgrim's journey. Serving as image, symbol and message, these lines helps to illuminate and personalize shared human experience. Written in a variety of languages, prose blend with crow imagery to represent time, growth, and change as a cultural thread that spans generations. "My goal is to create images that help me to understand the constant evolution of societal pressures, cultural identities and definitions of self," says Knight. As a result, these mixed media works act as a visual culmination of personal histories.




New Colossus

American Dream (the original)

Blinky Blinky


El Mojado

Push and Pull

Esa Mujer Tena Ajas Azules

Angel Island

Not Just a Refugee II

Not Just a Refugee I

Immigrant Eyes

Black Wall Street
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