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Precarious by Michael Knight

Reacting to the world around us in irrational ways seems an easy thing to do. Frightened by that which is unknown and mysterious, we establish belief systems, customs and notions meant to help us cope with and control that which we do not understand; circumstances which we wish to influence. From our lucky shirts and magic numbers to the avoidance of ladders and black cats we establish rites and rituals to protect us. From whim to obsession, from the scratching of lines on the stone walls of Lascaux to the etched marks depicting the talismans and traditions collected in this exhibit, we hedge our bets seeking safety and good fortune. Meanwhile the laws of nature reveal most of this to be non-sense and fate and chance exert their strong grasp as we struggle to avoid bad luck.



Bless You


Fingers Crossed



Kitty Noir

Maneki Neko

On Tilt

Saint Dunstan's Revenge

Salt Spill

Spirit Guide

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
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