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Migration Series by Michael Knight

Crows, maps and concentric rings are among the signs and symbols that combine to portray metaphorical depictions of population dispersal patterns in an ever changing world. This series symbolically portrays various types of human migration that effect global landscapes. They consider underlying cultural and societal settings that contribute to the social conditions that these journeys foster, both literally and figuratively, as people are drawn to or move away from their destinations or points of origin.

Using a process that subsumes monoprint drawing into a variety of digitally manipulated imagery and adding hand embellishment to a final printed surface, I have created one of a kind archival "digiglyphs". This form of printmaking combines hand drawing and traditional monoprint techniques with digital manipulation and out sourcing.

The term "Digiglyph" was coined by Knight in November of 2008 to describe artwork made for the Migration series. Digiglyph - mixed media multi-sourced digital print

Types of Migration:

• Emigration, leaving one's native country to live in another.

• Forced migration, the coerced movement of a person or persons away from their home or home region.

• Free migration, a belief that people should be able to migrate to whatever country they choose, free of substantial barriers.

• Immigration, arriving to live in a new country.

• Illegal immigration, immigration that defies the laws of the arrival country.

• Mass migrations, the movement of a large group of people from one geographical area to another.

• Political migration, a migration motivated primarily by political interests.

• Family reunification, the mechanism by which foreign nationals are allowed to immigrate due to the acquired citizenship of an adult relative.

• Urbanization, the moving of people from rural areas into cities.

• Seasonal human migration, Migration which is held by season changes.

• Daily commuting.

• The activity of nomads, communities that continually move from one place to another. "Migration" Wikipedia 2008.October 23, 2008



San Miguel Rancho


Blue Wisconsin


Central Park







Mar Vista

Old England

Orange Wisconsin





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